Home Buyer Timeline

Buyer and Agent Meet

  • Pre-Qualify/Home Search Criteria

  • MLS Search

  • View Homes

  • Identify Home

  • Write Offer and Negotiate

  • Offer Accepted - Earnest Money and Due Diligence Money is Deposited

  • Mechanical and Structural Inspection, Termite and Radon Inspections

  • Negotiate Necessary Repairs During Due Diligence Period

  • Select a Closing Attorney

  • Set Date and Time of Closing

Mortgage Lender

  • Credit Report/Loan Application

  • Turn in All Required Paper Work

  • Verification of Employment and Salary

  • Order Appraisal

  • Loan to Underwriting

  • Conditions Required by Underwriting to Qualify for Loan

  • Loan Out of Underwriting

  • Loan Approved

Closing Attorney

  • Set up Closing Date and Time

  • Title Search 

  • Survey Ordered (if desired)

  • Closing Package From Mortgage Company

  • Settlement Statement Prepared

  • Certified Check Payable to Closing Attorney Trust Account

  • Deed Recorded

  • Possession

We will handle all of the details to relieve your stress.

You must apply for your loan, secure your homeowner’s insurance, transfer all utilities, pack and move.