Make Your Home Show Like a Perfect 10!

    • Create Curb Appeal - First impressions are important. Your front door and porch should be like new. 
    • Spruce up the Exterior - Clean the eaves and gutters. Check for peeling paint. Spruce up landscaping, trim bushes and trees, etc.
    • Freshen up the Interior - Fresh paint adds charm and value. Clean your carpets, doors and windows. Everything should be clean and in working order. Repair any leaky faucets or other minor flaws.
    • Bathrooms and Kitchen Should Sparkle - Check caulking in the tub and shower.
    • Make Minor Repairs - Dealing with minor repairs and jobs upfront can save time and money in the end. We are happy to recommend names if you need any assistance.
    • Make Room for Space - Clean out all closets and floors. Make sure your attic and garage are also clean. If necessary, rent a storage unit.
    • Let There Be Light - Make sure your window treatments are in prime condition. Turn on all lights in each room, day or night.
    • Remove Pets - Keep pet areas clean and free of odor.
    • Keep a Low Profile - It may be best to leave the home during showings, but if you are present, be courteous and do not force conversation. Let buyers feel at ease and leave the selling up to your agent.
    • Ambience - Turn on soft music. Turn off radios and televisions.  Be sure your home smells fresh.